If you are interested in participating in the Climate Friendly Nurseries project or would like more information, please contact:

Whitney Rideout at the OAN

Allison Hensey, Oregon Environmental Council
503-222-1963 ext. 116.


Be a Leader in the Nursery Industry: Participate in the Climate Friendly Nurseries Project

The Oregon Association of Nurseries (OAN) and the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) are partnering on an innovative effort — the Climate Friendly Nurseries (CFN) project — to help nurseries use energy and other resources more efficiently, reduce costs, and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Ecova Consulting and Oregon State University (OSU) serve as resources for the CFN project, both of whom bring research expertise and technical assistance that will benefit participating nurseries. Through the CFN project, nurseries can quantify their energy and resource use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and identify specific ways to reduce both. The project team will help participating nurseries identify grants, low interest loans, tax credits and technical assistance for energy and resource efficiency upgrades. The project's central goal is to help participating nurseries reduce energy, resource inputs and GHG emissions while achieving greater economic efficiency and profitability.


There are currently twelve Oregon nurseries participating in the CFN project. They are:

Project Timeline

The Climate Friendly Nurseries project began in August 2009 and will run through 2012.

August 2009: identify initial CFN project participants and make available data collection tool.

Sept 2009 – Jan 2010: participating nurseries conduct data collection to measure energy and resource use and GHG emissions.

Feb 2010: First year measurements completed for first 10 participating nurseries.


  • Project identifies and develops best management practice recommendations to increase input efficiency and reduce GHG emissions, and identify incentives and technical assistance to enable adoption.


  • Nurseries implemented at least one best management practice this year to reduce their GHG emissions.


  • Continue data collection
  • Continue implementation of best practices

Draft findings from project and share results with industry. Data for individual nurseries will be kept anonymous unless specific permission is given by participating nurseries.

If you more information about the Climate Friendly Nurseries projects, please contact Whitney Rideout Oregon Association of Nurseries, 503-682-5089, or Allison Hensey, Oregon Environmental Council, 503-222-1963 x116.

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